Witty Repartee, Doofus of the grandest kind. (yrael) wrote in doomedlovelives,
Witty Repartee, Doofus of the grandest kind.

the start of the DEAD people log

REMEMBER this is not a prediction, but a fun thing in which you make up your death! have fun!

Things that may happen that may induce your speacial ending:

~Involved in Mafia
~Plane Crash
and more...

List of how some people are going to die. you cannot claim one of these and you have to make up your own unless you choose to ask.

~die in sleep
~die from crossfire as a reasult of mafia
~die from falling from your bed reasulting in a cuncussion
~die by suicide from falling of bridges,boats,buildings,*lots o' bs*, cliffs.
~die by beating from old lady
~die from spontaneous combustion
~die reasulting from plane crash to roanoak island
~die hijacking a plane but did not exit the plane when it was going over a cliff
~die by poison

Things you may claim...

i have no idea but i'm just posting this because i started this a heck of a long time ago... so i bid you adieu
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