Witty Repartee, Doofus of the grandest kind. (yrael) wrote in doomedlovelives,
Witty Repartee, Doofus of the grandest kind.


ah...well, this community is umm... interestingly dead...

the originator has not been posting... rather horrible ordeal around there...

anyways, what might happen is just us typing about weird things that we might do with our love lives...

I am supposidly going to be a scandelous nun *i'll explain later*, Nagrom is *hopefully* in the process of creating a list of stuff she has married her body parts to, whether or not she has cancel them or not. nicoli is doing something.

ANYWAYS!!! just find some to post, just freaking do it. our love lives are doomed, thus creating a reason for us to be even posting on this.

i really don't see if we have to REALLY have a purpose for even posting... you should just be DOING this.


people, you are encouraged to post!!! you are members for a reason!!!

do i have to find things for you people to post about?!?! argh...

whatever, just do it!! now.
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