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Yes my doomed love life. So yeah, I’m posting because of yreal. Well let’s see here...

x akumu x (11:42:38 AM): wanna give me some advice nee-san?
Arcanica (11:46:38 AM): sure
x akumu x (11:46:53 AM): say your best friend <----viet
Arcanica (11:47:00 AM): yeah
x akumu x (11:47:07 AM): gets a gf and kinda ignores you
x akumu x (11:47:19 AM): the thing is that you had this big crush on him for like 2 years
x akumu x (11:47:29 AM): (And yeah he knows, you already told him)
x akumu x (11:47:33 AM): anyways
x akumu x (11:47:50 AM): when you first find out about his little gf<---julia yamamoto
x akumu x (11:48:00 AM): you get kinda really jealous
x akumu x (11:48:10 AM): it's a normal reaction of course, you are only human
x akumu x (11:48:14 AM): so you do a stupid thing
x akumu x (11:48:58 AM): you go to a jerk named ronald <---he liked julia before and he doesn't seem to like viet, naturally you go to him in hope of breaking them up
x akumu x (11:49:14 AM): he doesn't seem very interested in the whole thing
x akumu x (11:49:35 AM): he just likes watching you being jealous and suffering
Arcanica (11:49:39 AM): o_O
x akumu x (11:49:49 AM): anyways
x akumu x (11:50:18 AM): your feelings for viet are like a rollarcoaster
x akumu x (11:50:21 AM): up and down they go
x akumu x (11:50:23 AM): <><
x akumu x (11:50:28 AM): anyways,
x akumu x (11:50:47 AM): one day you're bored and you aim ronald in hopes of company and amusement
x akumu x (11:51:22 AM): your friend at school<-----asami, who happens to have known julia for quite a while through japanese school
x akumu x (11:51:44 AM): has already you a lovely story about ronald that you just had to hear from himself for yourself
x akumu x (11:51:59 AM): so you talk to him, butter him up and get ready for the story
x akumu x (11:52:36 AM): (he and julia went out, she cheated on him by going out with viet, not the first time, other's have been hurt too... what-not)
x akumu x (11:52:57 AM): he finally tells you and then you discovered that he and julia have a little "war" going on
x akumu x (11:53:03 AM): they are both out to get each other
x akumu x (11:53:24 AM): after being nice to him (for the story) he adds you to his list of ppl on his side in the war
x akumu x (11:53:42 AM): he says that he "needs" you and that you are an important part of his force
x akumu x (11:53:57 AM): this is because you are viet's best friend and he trusts you
Arcanica (11:54:02 AM): o-O
Arcanica (11:54:05 AM): oh shit
x akumu x (11:54:08 AM): <><
x akumu x (11:54:10 AM): yeah i knnow
x akumu x (11:54:29 AM): his story was so sad and sappy you kind of feel sorry for him
x akumu x (11:54:33 AM): <><
x akumu x (11:54:54 AM): and even though there is a chance that he is lying, you go along with it to make him happy
x akumu x (11:55:16 AM): (besides all of his force has code name, his is vile and mine was jasmine)
x akumu x (11:55:24 AM): (from the movie secondhand lions)
Arcanica (11:55:31 AM): hahaha
Arcanica (11:55:37 AM): vile, switched arond, spells evil
x akumu x (11:55:42 AM): <><
x akumu x (11:55:44 AM): yeah
x akumu x (11:56:14 AM): julia has a little force her own including viet (your best friend/crush) and another one of your close friends (Asami)
x akumu x (11:56:24 AM): so you're split in half
x akumu x (11:56:34 AM): first you're partly on ronald's side
x akumu x (11:56:46 AM): and then you're working as a double agent
Arcanica (11:56:51 AM): o-O
x akumu x (11:57:12 AM): (only viet doesn't know this, so he still feels bitter towards you and doesn't really trust you)
Arcanica (11:57:18 AM): "Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive"
x akumu x (11:57:26 AM): then you just get sick of it all
x akumu x (11:57:29 AM): and stop
x akumu x (11:58:05 AM): anyways i build up all this trust and a special bond between me and my vietie
x akumu x (11:58:10 AM): but...............
x akumu x (11:58:25 AM): i screw it all up for a bit of fun and a few laughs
x akumu x (11:58:42 AM): viet doesn't talk to me a lot anymore
x akumu x (11:58:48 AM): and he seem very close to me
x akumu x (11:59:22 AM): i know he's busy with school, college (he's a senior and he totally screwed up in his junior year because of depression and his parents) and well yeah his gf
x akumu x (11:59:58 AM): but you kinda feel like "okay viet! look at me! pay attention i'm still here you know! you're still one of my best friends!"
x akumu x (12:00:05 PM): <><
x akumu x (12:00:17 PM): you kinda feel like you lost everything
Arcanica (12:00:53 PM): ouch
x akumu x (12:01:26 PM): because most of your friends went to Oak Grove, the ppl you hang out at school... you don't really hate or like... you can't ditch them to hang out with other friends, because your "best friend" alysssa hangs out with them and she always defends you and stuff....
x akumu x (12:02:17 PM): all your close friends you only talk through with aim, and your parents don't let you use aim so you can't even really talk when you want and you constantly have to watch out for getting caught
x akumu x (12:02:38 PM): you just feel sorta alone and bored with life itself
x akumu x (12:03:03 PM): and then you remember about all the good times you had with viet, esp. the tet trung thu festival at st. patrick
x akumu x (12:03:29 PM): and you feel like you're falling into this endless abyss and no one's there to caught you
Arcanica (12:03:34 PM): you mus tmiss him
x akumu x (12:03:45 PM): even when viet promised that he'd catched you if you ever fell
x akumu x (12:04:10 PM): heh
x akumu x (12:04:24 PM): he used to like another girl, melissa ly
x akumu x (12:04:31 PM): she got a bf sometime over the summer
x akumu x (12:04:40 PM): he finally stopped liking her around august or so
x akumu x (12:04:51 PM): and you remember how happy you were when you found out
x akumu x (12:05:29 PM): and during that time between when he stopped liking melissa and when he started going out with julia......
x akumu x (12:06:04 PM): you felt so happy and free, and you loved him so much and you realized that you rather have him as a best friend forever
x akumu x (12:06:24 PM): it's not that i'm jealous of julia and viet......
x akumu x (12:06:28 PM): i was...
x akumu x (12:06:38 PM): but now, i just want my best friend back
Arcanica (12:07:55 PM): hmm, do you t hink he feels angry at you ?
x akumu x (12:08:05 PM): a bit maybe
x akumu x (12:09:19 PM): anyways i have leave soon to go to lasan
Arcanica (12:09:28 PM): I see nothing wrong with coming up to him, telling him you feel bad (re:sorry) for being jealous of his gf, taking sides, creating drama etc. and that you really value him greatly and and miss his friendship
Arcanica (12:09:44 PM): that he means a lot to you and stuff.
x akumu x (12:09:52 PM): heh
x akumu x (12:09:55 PM): <><
x akumu x (12:09:56 PM): yeah
Arcanica (12:09:56 PM): how he takes it from there is his part, but I think that's the best you can do
x akumu x (12:10:18 PM): thanks sis!
Arcanica (12:10:33 PM): no prob, have fun at lasan yo
x akumu x (12:10:36 PM): "i don't think that life's that simple" - utada hikaru
x akumu x (12:10:38 PM): hai!
Arcanica (12:10:40 PM): yesh
x akumu x (12:10:42 PM): i mean oui
x akumu x (12:10:43 PM): ....
x akumu x (12:10:44 PM): <><
Arcanica (12:10:47 PM): haha but an apology works
x akumu x (12:10:50 PM): i do that in my french class
Arcanica (12:10:52 PM): I love that song
Arcanica (12:10:53 PM): hahahahah

seee? ME fine Nati.
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