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Ah...life has been good so far....

i've been hearing a lot of DJ's on the radio talk about people and Christmas, just them either trying to persuade people not to do anything stupid over hoidays, or just making fun of them.

One radio host was talking aobut how some people get the nerve to propose to people on christmas, since it's such an auspicious day. of course, half of them have their's hearts wrenched out and stomped on as a result. i sort of thought that the people are really irrational when it gets to some commitment thing around the holidays. If it's just the date that they thinks it important, then why have to do it around that holiday? why not just create your own holiday by doing it another day?? >.< media also encourages this.... with all the jewelry swapping with the 'every kiss begins with k'

And the other was a warning to people about stupid things... suicide around a holiday.... methinks that some people's reason to do such rash things are because they are alone and on their own, without a loved one. this one frustrates me... just a little bit. christmas is fabled to be a holiday in which people connect with one another, supposied bonding time. Christmas, like any other american holiday, is ove done by the media. The real reason for is lost, within our materialistic needs.
The only thing that i can think of that we celebrate christmas is tradition. And *gasp* we can't break tradition. It's not right! so, we celebrate.

So! people!!! celebrate it!! That's FINE!!! but don't do STUPID THINGS JUST BECAUSE IT'S A HOLIDAY!!! NO GOOD FREAKING REASON.

i'm lost in what i was trying to get across...
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