Witty Repartee, Doofus of the grandest kind. (yrael) wrote in doomedlovelives,
Witty Repartee, Doofus of the grandest kind.

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AHH! Class registrations!!! What to do, What to do?!?!

What are you doing?

Me? I'm a boring person whose classes won't be changing much. The largest change to my schedule for math
I am decisively annoyed by the rate of my math class this year. So! I felt that I should push things up a notch and take Geometry over the summer. When the new school year starts, I will have to take a proficieny test and change my classes accordingly.
Other than that... I don't really think much. I would like to do this proforming arts thing that's at 7th period. But I have marching band... maybe I can get them to do something about that... Who knows...
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