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This is a really inactive community, isn't it?
Ah, well, thought I'd post here anyway, and at least no one has to listen to my silly whining ^___^;

The very beginning of the doomed-ness that is my love life, began when I was eight or so years old. (I started young... Stop laughing.) There was this guy, about nine, who was the oldest adopted son of a family who was friends with my family.
... God, I think I just confused MYSELF.

Anyway, so the guy and I... didn't get along. At all. At ALL. We glared at each other from across the room. He pushed me. I threw books at him. Ehehe... I was a rather violent eight year old.

So, this one time, we were calling each other a few of our usual childish insults, when this really, really, random thing happened. He sort of... leaned over and kissed me.
I completely FREAKED. I've always been ridiculously overdramatic and everything, but I might have surpassed my usual standards. ^_____^; Heh...

So I sicced the dog on him.
It wasn't what you'd think! Honest! The dog didn't just get up and attack him, my dog's nice! He's a sweetie! He... growled a bit. A lot. And then this guy yelped and sprinted up the stairs.

I've had many occasions since then with, okay, I'll say his name. Chris. Ugh, I said it. We've met up numerous times, including once this past New Year's. I insulted his intelligence, and it should have been so, so fun. But it wasn't.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It isn't fair! I think I may be completely and utterly OBSESSED with the guy! ... It SO isn't fair. It isn't. It isn't. It isn't. He's a jerk! But... I like him anyway. T__T WHY? WHY?!

And there you are, the story of my doomed love life.
Okay, my whining and angsting is finished. Heh, just an update to keep the community alive, not to mention get this stuff out of my conscience. I feel loads better now.
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