no (mss_vampy) wrote in doomedlovelives,

i saw another guy with a beautiful mohawk yesterday at Great America. actually, i saw seven people with mohawks yesterday, but one guy in particular stood out.
the horrible thing is that i really wanted to talk to him, and we'd have plenty to talk about i'm sure, but i lack the confidence to go up to people and initiate conversation.
that's what always kills things, and that's why i have a doomed love life...
i do try to gather some confidence though, but since i don't have much to begin with, it takes a while and only in a certain kind of situation to gather it up and once i do it's way too late.
i always feel so inferior to guys i like because they always seems so awesome to me (though i usually don't get any opportunities to see if that's really true, but it's always my first impression) and i feel like such a nobody, no matter how much it seems like i have a chance to win over his attention.
sometimes i think it's just the mohawks that make me attracted to people, but most of the time the people themselves are that much more beautiful for having the nerve to get a mohawk and being able to pull it off. mohawks are kind of like starting points, if i got to know them and they wound up getting it chopped off, i'd still like them. i'm sure i'm not so shallow that i'd automatically stop liking them otherwise. the person makes the mohawk, in my opinion...

my friend says my problem is that i'm like a dog chasing after a car. once i get the car stopped i don't know what to do with it.

i think it's mostly true.
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