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You must like to spank or be spanked, because your
romance is remeniscent of Secretary. A truly
modern love story, it shows that you don't need
to be conventional to be normal. You're
probably the type that owns a whole lot more
leather than what's upholstering your car or
sofa. Yeah, you know what I mean.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
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HAH!! that's horrible!!!XD!!! *sorry to the morgue but i had to use it!
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Do you ever...

Do you ever get the feeling that you can actually connect with a certain person?

When you talk to them, everything just makes so much more sense...

and you're just not so scared anymore.

Do you ever get the feeling that someone really is there?

When you look at them, you see so much through their eyes...

and you feel like you're just at home.

Do you ever get the feeling that someone actually understands you?

When you talk to them, they feel everything you're saying...

and you're just not so alone anymore.
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Weird Word Dictionary

My love life is so doomed that I got bored enough to write a dictionary of any fun words I come across.

Anova-originated by a guy, Morgan and I pestered alot, Thai. i think he had a girl friend or something.
Mwee-made by Morgan, oh so many centuries ago. I don't even think she remembers how she made it up
Squee-No, I didn't rip it off of Vasquez. It was an ordinary noise that I didn't think much of it
Polimg-Trying to type out 'poking' on a foreign Imac keyboard. Happiness
Yayism-Estactic me, repling to Morgan,
Spiffi-er-a-li-fic~Spiffy was too boring for me.*warning! spellings change*
Blarg-A onomatopoeia used when angry or, more likely, frustrated.

that's all for now!
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Hey there, chickas!

Hail Sheda. Haha. Not quite, but at least welcome me lovingly. :) You know you want to.

I want to apologize for not posting in Stupid Girls with Doomed Love Lives because previously, it wouldn't give me the option of posting there. And now it does! ^_^

If I can recall, this whole thing started as a joke between myself, mss_vampy and Andrea. Later, we started to recruit some members and before you know it, Morgan created this community which we all love so much. :)

Now that I think of it, I'm not a stupid girl (all the time) :P, nor do I have a "doomed love life." It's just that most guys our age have a way of annoying the shnikies out of me.

Freshman year should be better. Anyway, cheers to you all...
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My Sad Sad Story

I will just give you a brief preview of what i've been going through since about September of 2002. Mss_Vampy, Yrael, and Sheda all know this story... Ok there is this guy named Redmond.. Me and him had Math together last year. Well he went out w/ my friend Lucy.. who totally like hurt him by cheating on him with one of his own friends. Well they ended up still being friends and since Lucy was the only one I was friends with in my Math class where ever she went to go sit when ever we changed seats i went. And i ended up sitting nexted to Redmond. I havent told any of my friends this but i have had a crush on him since Dec. Well one day Lucy and this guy named Chris who is redmond's friend was absent.. soo that lefted me and Redmond alone sitting in the back of the room bored to death. Once my math teacher let us talk which is for about 99% of the period.. we started to talk about mindless junk.. but it ended up making us laugh like hell and making our stoumac's hurt from laughing soooo much. Well we became friends. About a week later my birthday came. Redmond forgot that it was my birthday which i though was gonna happen cuse he barly knew me. But he gave me a sticker that he begged off of Lucy which i thought was really sweet. Though now it just shows how stupid he was. But after the teacher let us talk again. me and redmond started righting notes back and forth. *a lil entry to this part of the story. For 2 weeks before me and redmond we always talking on the phone every single day for about 4 hours. And the week before he was asking me who i liked.. and we did that whole battle for me to tell him for about 4 hours every night. after while i just thought it as getting anoying and i wanted to know why.. but he wouldnt tell me.* soo that day we weer writing notes back and forth and he started asking me who i liked again.. and i think lucy could guess my the exspression on my face that he was asking me who i liked again.. and i guess he told her that he liked me... but back to the story..
He kept on asking me and i finally told him that if he tells me why i would tell him who i liked.. which was him of corse... sooo he told me why.. and it was "cuse i like you" which like made me shocked.. sooo the bell rang before i could tell him who i liked.. which i didnt want to tell him but he ended up walking me to my nexted class and i told him..
SOO we were friends still till about a month later.
It was a week b4 Christmas Break. And it was his Birthday now... i had found out his fav candy and bought him 2 king size Reeses.. which was his fav candy. And then came Math again.. i saw that he was writing a note all period... and saw that it had my name on top.. of corse he went through like 10 peices of paper b4 he finally fav he the one he had finished.. i was amazed saying it took him all period to write "Will you go out with me?" in the largest handwriting i have ever seen. Of corse of was excited.. but i didnt know what i was going to say since it was like the week before Christmas Break and we wouldnt see each other for 2 weeks. Sooo i talked it over very excitingly in the locker room with my friend Andrena.. She of corse told me to go for it.. BIG MISSTAKE!... I should have waited till after Break to go out with him. Cuse the Break had riped a hole in our relishionship. and i ended up breaking up with him 3 days after we got back... I felt SOO bad. And i missed him. But we didnt talk for about 3 months.
Then we started talking again.. cuse we were friends and all... but there was alot i wanted at know.. like why he had gotten sooo distant after break and all. sooo he had gotten aim that say and i asked him. Well it turned out to become one HUGE fight that revoled me getting hurt and crying all night... which i dont know if i can forgive him for. basicly he told me why which was he was planing to break up with me the same day as me. Which hurt me alot. But that wasnt the only reason why i was hurt. I was hurt mostly cuse of my friends who i thought were supportive with me and Redmond. But they werent. They made fun of me and redmond.. exspecially my friends Areeba and Dannahn... they made harsh comments about him about how weird his nose looked and all.. when he was standing right nexted to me. I could see it in his eyes that those comments hurt him alot. but yah... Now its June. and me and Redmond have become friends again but we dont takl alot saying its summer and i dont feel comfortable calling him cuse i dont want to end up fighting... and this whole thing has sent me into a deep deep deep depression... And I cry about it consantly....
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Hello Hello Again.

Its been a long time since i've posted in the community.. btw its herthinia-ohki (thats my origional username) aka Sharon. I go to school with yrael, sheda, and mss_vampy. SO HI YOU GUYS! I will see ya at yrael's b-day party... i still have to find out when andrena's is.. cuse i have a feeling its on the same day... and if it is im screwed.. cuse i have to go to my best friends (yrael) and andrena who is like my second best friend... so just wanted to say hi and tell you guys im back on LJ.
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well, my friend and i like the same guy
my friend and that guy have actually tried to go out on a date before
but she thinks that now they're just friends
i thinkknow she still likes him
and i know i still like him
so she offered to back off
and i did the same
because i doubt i have a chance with him anyway


i'm pretty sure it qualifies as old news by now -- to those who knew-- but i just thought i'd mention it
and i believe it works out quite nicely with the whole doomed love life thing.

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Jealous? Is that what this is? Jealousy? I am jealous? Maybe, maybe I am. I don’t know why, maybe I was just already having a crappy day and Ronny flirting with Linda didn’t help. Okay Ronny liked me for a while back, but I didn’t really like him; then he liked me again, and I kind of like him but I never told him, then he stop liking me and now he hates me. Do I like him now? I don’t know, sometimes yes, sometimes no. I’m not sure right now. I don’t know why I like him. He’s kind of a jerk.

Anyways, Linda is one of my best friends. She’s pretty cool. Well one day I was talking to my ‘anh hai’ Kevin online, and well I tell him that I liked Ronny (again) and well I was such a loser I forgot to ask if Linda was in the room (she goes over to his house till her parents pick her up). Anyways I say that I don’t care. (Why should I care she’s one of my best friends!) But OMGOSH!!!! I can't believe she saw that! Anyways the night before I was bugging Linda about who she likes (I was bored okay?) So that day I made her tell me. Only with Linda we have to go through a guessing game and even after I guessed it, she makes you guess ten million more times before she'll tell you "you already got it" by then you're so confused about who she's referring to. Anyways I go "first letter?" she goes "Y" (stares at her, I didn't name anyone with a letter y) I’m like "Youta?" she goes "HELL NO" (well that was the first name that came to mind) anyways she goes it could be backwards. OH GREAT! Another backwards game, last time it was LB (Brian Le) GOD! Anyways I go… "Ronny...?" and she goes "maybe”. It’s Ronny. She’s liked him for months.

Okay so for a while, it’s okay because we can talk to each about him without anyone knowing who the hell we’re talking about, which is nice. Okay, now the background information on Ronny. Ronny is Randy’s little brother. There’s this girl, Jackie Tran, he liked her since forever, and everyone knows it. Actually one of his best friends is her little brother, Justin (who got me in hella trouble one day, because they came over to my house. ) Anyways, moving on, he also likes Linda, of coarse, but I didn’t know this until a few weeks ago when Randy told me. But it turns out that he liked her for a while, no one at school knows it, they still think that he used to like her, but stop. But Linda didn’t even know that he used to like her. Anyways I told Kevin and I guess Ronny found out that he knew. Okay now that I think that enough background information. There’s another girl that Ronny likes at the moment but we won’t get into that.

Okay, let’s see here, way back when Ronny liked me (like last summer to
November), I had this weird dream, in which, I’m with Ronny and Kevin’s with Linda. (Back then Kevin had wavering feelings about Linda). But I guess that was always a fantasy I had. Anyways, the other day Jennifer Le (the girl that Kevin currently likes, and she knows about it), Kevin, Ronny and Linda, were playing basketball 2 on 2. When I was watching them all I could think about was “Ronny and Linda…together.” A while after Linda told me that she liked Ronny, I thought about how I really felt about him. And I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like him. And since then I always tell Linda that she should go out with Ronny because I knew he liked her. I told her several times before, but I don’t think that she believed me until recently. And Ronny doesn’t know that Linda likes him.

Anyways, today at break, Kevin, Linda, Ronny, Asami, Ngoc and me were there. Asami and Ngoc were just kind of talking to each other; I was kind of listening in. But my attention was kind of to Ronny, Kevin and Linda, at the same time I was also kind of sick, so I was kind of spacey. But then I hear Ronny say that “Linda’s hot… she has really nice eyes.” He’s turning red and so is Linda, who has her back to her, because I was kind of talking to her. I don’t know why, but that hurt. It really did hurt. Was it because I was jealous? Jealous because I knew Ronny liked Linda and not me? Was that it? But I wanted them to get together for a while, why was that? Was it because I knew that they both liked each other? Was it because I wanted Linda to be happy? Was it because I wanted Ronny to be happy? Or was it because I wanted an excuse to stop wavering in my feelings for Ronny? So every time I think about liking him, I could go “no, he has Linda”? Was that it? Was that why? I just don’t know. I really don’t.